Immunity-Boosting Fruits & Veggies You Can Grow On Your Own During The Monsoon

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Growing fruits and vegetables during the monsoon season can be challenging due to the increased moisture and humidity. However, with proper care and attention, you can still have a successful garden.

1. Indian Blackberry (Jamun) The fruit is great for the monsoons as it can effectively cure gastric problems which are synonymous with the monsoon season.

2. Radish (Mooli) Grow and eat radish with abandon this monsoon because it is so good for building your immunity during the rainy season.

3. Lychee This juicy, tasty fruit can help the body deal with common cold, acidity and digestion problems.

4. Plums Consumption of plums in the rainy season is a sure shot way to keep immunity high and monsoon-related ailments at bay.

5. Apples While consumption of apples is good for the body throughout the year, eating apples in the monsoons is highly recommended.

Following some simple thumb rules can guarantee you a fresh and constant supply of organic vegetables and fruits for improvement in the overall health and immunity of your family.