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Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a source of moisture for your skin that gives its natural sheen, slowing down the process of premature ageing. It makes the skin look smooth and plump. There are a wide range of hyaluronic acid serums that are readily available. You should introduce one into your daily skincare arsenal taaki aapni jaan mein jaan aayein.

1. L’oreal Paris Revitalift 1.5% Hyaluronic Acid Serum Blessed with the potency of vitamin C and retinol, apart from hyaluronic acid of course, the lightweight and non chip chip formula is suitable for all skin types. Being a non-comedogenic serum, it does not clog pores, giving you the radiant skin of your dreams. You need to layer this product with a moisturiser, especially if you have dry skin.

2. Minimalist Hyaluronic Acid 2% Serum With the perfect composition of hyaluronic acid at 2%, the serum also contains aloe vera extract and vitamin B5. Vitamin B5 is known for its anti-inflammatory properties that helps soak the ingredients right into the skin, keeping it healthy and smooth. If you have oily or combination, this may just be the right product for you.

3. St. Botanic Serum 15% Hyaluronic Acid Facial Along with HA, the serum is boosted with Vitamin C and E, green tea, hazel, aloe vera extract, and geranium essential oil. The non-sticky, gel-based formula is specifically curated for oily skin. In case you have dry skin, you can use it along with a heavy moisturiser. The serum makes your skin look glowy and plump, contributing to its overall health.

4. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Capsule In Serum Enriched with hyaluronic acid, glycerine, and Vitamin E. Glycerine soaks moisture from the air and enables the skin to retain the same. The antioxidant properties of vitamin C arrests tired-looking, dull skin. Incorporate this product once a day into your daily skincare routine, leaving it feeling soft and well nourished.

5. The Derma Co Vitamin C And Hyaluronic Acid Serum Rich in vitamin C, along with hyaluronic acid, the serum adds life to your skin. It moisturises your skin from deep within. It especially works its magic on very dry, dry, and normal skin types. It keeps the skin hydrated for hours on end, giving a youthful look. It also controls skin ageing and promotes suppleness.

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