6 Lessons From Alia Bhatt’s Candid Conversations About Her Mental Health

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“I haven’t been depressed but I’ve had bouts of anxiety. It comes and goes. It’s been happening quite a bit since the past five to six months. It’s not like an anxiety attack but I just feel low.”

1. Recognise The Symptoms

“Initially, I’d be a little confused. I’d constantly give reasons that it’s because of work or maybe I’m tired or haven’t been able to meet anyone.”

2. Can Be Confusing

“Everyone told me that you’ve got to realise that it will go away. What’s important is to accept it and not say that you’re fine. If you’re not feeling fine, then you should just say you’re not feeling fine.”

3. Accept

“No matter how bad it is, I just let myself feel it.”

4. Stay With It

“Thankfully, I’m aware of it because of my sister, Shaheen. She’s fought depression. I’ve read her book.”

5. Know About Your Condition

“I spoke to friends about it.”

6. Reach Out For Help