How You Can Celebrate Independence Day With Friends & Family

Independence Day 

1. Exchanging Gifts Celebrate Independence Day with the joy of gifting. Visit a gift shop and pick up gifts that go with the theme of the day, that is, the 3 colours on the national flag.

2. Plan A Trip Since Independence Day is on a Tuesday this year, you can take a leave on the Monday before the day and plan a trip with family or friends.

3. Try Your Hand At Delicacies Like flowers, food is also an indispensable part of every celebration. Make it a family affair or invite your friends over too.

4. Be A Good Samaritan Dedicate your time in cooking for the have-nots on the day and make this special day count by serving them.

5. Organise a Musical Evening Call family and friends over and sing songs that are dedicated to the nation and its martyrs.