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How To Use Email Marketing To Grow Your Small Business

Step 1: Build Your Email List

You require a list of contacts to send out emails and for that, you need to create popups and sign-up forms. Once people subscribe to your email list, you can send them newsletters and promotional emails.

Step 2: Decide Upon Email Type

Now that you have prepared your email list, it’s time to decide the type of email you will be sending out to those who’ve signed up for it. A lot of factors need to be considered while picking an email type including your requirements, business size, resources, audience etc. So basically, there are 5 main categories of emails:

Step 3: Designing Your Email

Before starting your business, you must have conducted in-depth market research to get to know your target audience better. Use that knowledge to design your emails. The more it resonates with your subscribers, the better results it will bring in.

Step 4: Track Your Progress

Email marketing tracking can help you understand what works and what does not. The kind of response your email campaign receives from the customers can help you learn so much. If your strategy is working, you can use it as the basis to plan your next email campaign. In case you are not getting the response you hoped for, it’s time to switch to a new plan.

Here are a few email marketing tips you need to keep in mind while planning out your email campaign:

Here are a few email marketing tips you need to keep in mind while planning out your email campaign: 1. Segment your subscribers into different lists based on their preferences. This will help you send out more personalized content, thus improving your relationship with the subscribers. 2. Always design your emails for mobile too or use mobile-responsive email templates for your emails. 3. Research and use the latest email design trends to grab your subscribers’ attention. 4. Make the process to register and subscribe easy. 5. Offer incentives and discounts to people when they join your email list. This will bring in more leads.


1. Open rates or the number of emails that were opened as compared to the number of emails delivered. 2. Click-through rates, which is the total number of times a CTA button was clicked in comparison with the number of emails delivered. 3. Referral traffic or the total number of site visits that were a result of emails. 4. Conversion rates or the total sales against the total number of delivered emails. 5. Unsubscribe rate: Number of subscribers who unsubscribe from your mailing list. 6. Bounce rate or the percentage of emails that the recipients’ server rejected.

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