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How To Revive Expired Makeup products

Lip Balm

Your beauty balm can be put to some really good uses. It can be used to keep cuticles clean. Or, use it on the hard skin of the feet to help soften up the skin, as well as preventing shoes from rubbing and causing blisters. Plus, it can fix your stuck zipper and is a smart product to keep your shoes sparkling.

Eyeliner And Lipliner

Expired pencil eyeliner can be safely reused with a simple trick. Hold the eyeliner over a flame until it’s hot but not melting, then wait for it to cool down and apply. It works as a liquid eyeliner, giving a fantastic definition. By exposing the eyeliner to the flame, you’re killing the bacteria that may have accumulated, making it safe to use again. Expired eyeliners and lipliners are great to use as pencils. Use them to sketch, draw, mark or colour when you’re doing craft or home remodelling projects.

Face Oils

Face oils are expensive and if yours has just surpassed its shelf life. Fret not! Mix it with some sugar, and ta-da! Get ready to exfoliate your body with this homemade scrub.

Conditioner And Shampoo

Expired shampoo may damage your hair but it’s perfect for other things. For example, because shampoo is gentler than detergent, you can use it to wash delicate clothing like lacy lingerie. It’s also great for wool and cashmere items. And what about the old, expired conditioner? Well, use it as a shaving cream! Apply conditioner just like you apply your shaving cream. It won’t lather but it will soften your hair for a smooth shave.


You may no longer be able to use old perfumes on yourself, but they’ll make excellent home fragrances and deodorizers. Spray it in bathrooms, bedrooms, and cars and be surrounded by a signature scent. You can also spray it on a cotton cloth and rub it on fans, tabletops, and lamps so you can enjoy the scent anywhere in the home.

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