How To Handle Gender Inequality At The Work Place?

By: Akshita Gupta  For: Date: 17th March 2023

1. Close The Pay Gap It is well-known that there is gender disparity in pay structure where women are paid less than men based on the same amount of work. Conduct a pay audit to check for any discrepancies in compensation trends. Once you understand the issues and patterns, you can overhaul the structure to make salaries more transparent.

2. Increase Diverse Hiring One common need for gender equality is in the recruitment process. Review your job descriptions and assess whether your job requirements need to be altered to broaden the pool of applicants. Make sure your hiring panel is also diverse to avoid bias.

3. Create A Mentoring Program Setting up mentoring programs is one of the methods to reduce the different types of gender issues. Mentors can encourage women and give guidance to navigate their careers. It will also make women feel more included in the workplace.

4. Allow Flexible Schedules Each business has its own requirements regarding work timings but women are also the ones who are generally responsible for household and childcare responsibilities. This makes juggling work-life balance difficult.

5. Establish Training Workshops Create a training program on gender equality issues to educate employees and management regarding all policies around gender discrimination and other related laws.

6. Equal Promotion Opportunities The meaning of gender equality is that women aren’t discriminated against during the time of promotion. Women should be provided various tools, mentorship, and leadership opportunities to break the glass ceiling.