How to Achieve Perfect Curls with a Diffuser

1. Start with clean, conditioned hair: Ensure your hair is freshly washed and moisturized to prevent frizz and enhance curl definition.

2. Use a lightweight styling product: Look for a product that provides hold and definition, but won't weigh down fine hair. 

3. Attach the diffuser: Make sure the diffuser fits snugly onto your hair dryer and adjust the heat setting to low or medium. 

4. Scrunch and diffuse: Using your hands, gently scrunch sections of hair while diffusing the air from the dryer. Focus on the roots to add volume and prevent flatness. 

5. Be patient: Diffusing takes time and effort, but the results are worth it! Don't rush through the process or your curls may come out uneven. 

6. Finish with a light hold spray: To keep your curls in place, mist your hair with a lightweight hold spray and gently finger comb for even distribution.