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How Stress Can Lower Your Chances Of Conception & Ways To Overcome It

Being stressed can reduce your odds of getting pregnant as it directly affects various factors that contribute to conceiving. These factors include hormone production, eating disorders, and even the ability to release an egg. Stress refers to the feeling of emotional tension. Small anxiety inducers, such as deadlines or worrying about an interview, is completely normal. But unusually high levels of stress or chronic stress can start hampering one’s daily life. Stress can vary from person to person and is highly personal. Our bodies react to stress in different ways. Some people’s heart rate goes up, some start sweating, while some others begin to breathe heavily. Stress is sometimes essential as it makes our body react quickly. It can help us flee dangerous situations. However, if the factors that cause stress are always present, your body remains in a constant fight-or-flight state.

Stress can also force people to choose unhealthy lifestyle behaviours that impact fertility. Some common symptoms of chronic stress are: – Headaches – Sleep disruption – Eating disorders – Not being able to exercise – Urge to smoke and drink – Changes in sex drive – Increased blood pressure – Digestive issues – Muscle tension

How Stress Can Negatively Affect Fertility? 1. Not Getting Enough Sleep

Nowadays, people usually have a hectic life and work schedule that lead to frequent late nights with early mornings. In addition to this, it isn’t easy to sleep when there are too many things on your mind. This leaves you with a constant lack of sleep that affects your bodies and fertility.

How Stress Can Negatively Affect Fertility? 2. Unhealthy Eating Habits

Stress often causes people to overeat and have an unhealthy diet. On the other hand, some people completely lose their appetite under pressure. Being overweight or underweight is directly linked to fertility problems.

3. Reduced Sex Drive

Sex is a crucial factor in the process of conception, and it is a great stress-reliever. Unfortunately, people who are struggling with stress fail to find the time for it. This is because stress leads to a decrease in libido. Most women also experience a reduction in their sex drive, which further causes infertility. In men, stress is also known to cause impotence. A couple who wishes to conceive must find time for sexual intercourse and intimacy.

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