How Is Kanya Pujan  Performed?


1. Welcoming The Girls Greet the young girls warmly as they enter the space, and after that offer them seats and wash their feet as a mark of respect and purification.

2. Abhishek Perform a small abhishek (ritualistic bath) for each girl using water, milk, yoghurt, honey, and ghee.

3. Tilak And Offerings Apply a tilak (vermilion mark) on the girls’ foreheads and offer each girl new clothes, sweets, fruits, and other gifts.

4. Feeding, Aarti, And Seeking Blessings  Serve a meal of puri & channa with halwa, or prasad to the girls. It’s considered highly auspicious to feed them and is a must.

5. Distributing Prasad & Farewell After the ritual is over, distribute the prasad among family members and guests, and thank the girls for their presence and participation.