Home Skincare Recipes Using The Goodness Of Neem

Neem Oil To Treat Warts And Moles

The compounds present in neem oil have proved to effectively get rid of warts and moles without any side effects. It helps you to achieve clean and flawless skin naturally. Enriched with all beauty qualities, neem oil for face is a perfect remedial solution for all face skin-related issues.

Hair Mask For Dandruff Free Scalp

Along with body and face skin, neem also works well on the skin of your head that holds the hair roots together. Neem has been found very effective in treating the fungus that causes the flakes in your hair. Neem & aloe vera gel coupled together act as an effective hair mask that helps remove dandruff and add a natural shine to dull & damaged hair. For skin purposes, neem aloe vera face wash can be used to repair the damaged cells on the face and achieve a glowing & healthy skin naturally.

Neem & Gram Flour Mask For Depigmentation

Gram flour has been used for years to treat uneven skin tone and give one brighter skin. Coupled with neem oil this mix gives you a flawless skin complexion and removes impurities from your skin to make you look fresh and young.

Neem Oil & Bee Pollen Skin Cream

Topical application of natural bee pollen has been known to naturally calm inflammatory skin conditions and skin irritations such as eczema. Combined with the antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal power of neem oil this skin cream works well to protect your skin from any infection.

Neem Powder Face Pack For Skin Infection

When you incorporate garlic and coconut oil with neem powder, you get a rich neem face pack that is equipped to treat all major skin infections while also getting rid of acne and blemishes from your face.