Home Remedies For Hair Using Almond Oil

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When almond oil and fenugreek come together, it’s a hair care solution that even your dadi and nani would be on board with! Fenugreek is rich in niacin and iron which encourages healthy growth from the scalp while almond oil contains fatty acids which repair the damage. Learn more about 5 ways to use methi seeds for hair concerns here.

Almond Oil & Fenugreek Seeds For Damage Repair

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Eggs are packed with proteins that help nourish your hair follicles and aid hair growth. This pack also helps control frizz for people who have dry, untameable hair. Use this hair mask once a week.

Egg & Almond Oil For Frizzy Hair

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Olive oil contains oleuropein, which induced hair loss in mouse studies. It also conditions your hair and enhances shine. You can repeat this 3 times a week.

Olive Oil & Almond Oil For Dry Hair

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You end up exposing your hair to damaging agents like sunlight, pollution and heating products almost daily. At the same time, don’t do much to combat or even treat this damage. Well, almond oil with the goodness of aloe vera can help you with it. Learn more about DIY face packs using aloe vera here.

Almond Oil & Aloe Vera For Hair Nourishment

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A dandruff build-up affects the hair follicles also as it gets accumulated at the scalp and around the hair roots and doesn’t let the required oxygen reach it. Almond oil helps in softening dandruff which loosens its hold on the scalp and can be easily cleaned out when shampooing after the oiling. Learn further about the 10 benefits of amla and DIY hair packs here.

Amla Powder & Almond Oil For Dandruff

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