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10 Key Steps To Start A Successful Tiffin Service Business From Home

Market Research

Before setting any business up, it’s important to conduct thorough research of the market. It helps identify the areas of the sector that have scope and ways in which you can utilise it.


An average Indian kitchen is good enough to cook for 50 people. If you have a bigger kitchen or extra space, it’s an added advantage.


Next step is to get a food and safety license from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).


To know how much to invest, you must first know the cost. Plan your meals and calculate the cost of it all.


Groceries, employees, cleaning and delivery charges are all recurring expenses. If you provide a tiffin at Rs 100, this should cover all these expenses.


Just as we take up life or medical insurance in case something goes wrong, it’s vital to insure your business as well. As mishap in business is possible, it’s better to safeguard in advance.


Some of the measures that you can consider are regular pest control, using gloves while packing and cooking and sterilising the kitchen.


An easy way to avoid chaos is to plan your menu for each day of the week. Some people only take up weekdays or exclusively weekends to deliver tiffins.


The best ways to manage your tiffin business is through technology. You can set up an app or website to receive orders and tie-up with a delivery service agency for efficient delivery.


Social media is all you need to showcase your venture and advertise it too. Several business ventures like fashion and jewellery retail businesses run only on social media.

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