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Highlighter Makeup: Application Tips For Beginners

1. Prep Your Face

1. Wash your face carefully. 2. Apply some toner. 3. The next step is to moisturize your skin with the help of a lightweight moisturizer. 4. Once you have followed these steps, you may choose to apply some primer if you wish to. 5. Apply some concealer on your forehead, under your eyes, and also on your chin, and use a moist makeup sponge to blend it properly.

2. Create A Flawless Base

It is not mandatory to wear a foundation before the application of a highlighter. But you can use it if you like. For a dewy look, you may mix some liquid illuminator or face oil with your foundation.

3. Pick A Highlighter Of Your Choice

– You should always be mindful of your skin type – Your makeup routine can help you in choosing the best highlighter for yourself – For adding a natural glow to your skin, the highlighter shade you choose should be complementary to your natural skin tone

4. Choose A Suitable Highlighter Applicator

Once you have chosen a highlighter, choose a proper highlighter applicator. If you intend to use a cream highlighter, use your fingers to apply the same. Use either a brush or a sponge if you wish to use a powder highlighter.

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