Here's How You Can Nourish Your Hair With The Goodness Of Sesame Oil

By: Akshita Gupta  For: Date: 13th March 2023

1. Use it as a scalp massage oil: Gently massage warm sesame oil onto your scalp with your fingertips. Leave it on for 30 minutes to an hour and then rinse it off with a mild shampoo. This will help improve blood circulation, nourish your hair follicles and promote hair growth.

2. Mix it with other oils: Mix sesame oil with other oils like coconut oil or olive oil to create a hair mask. This will help add shine, moisture and improve the texture of your hair.

3. Apply it to the ends of your hair: Sesame oil can help prevent split ends by nourishing the ends of your hair. Apply a few drops of sesame oil to the ends of your hair after washing and conditioning.

4. Use it as a leave-in conditioner: You can use sesame oil as a leave-in conditioner by applying a small amount to damp hair. This will help tame frizz and add shine to your hair.

5. Add it to your hair care products: Add a few drops of sesame oil to your shampoo, conditioner, or hair serum to enhance its nourishing properties.

6. Use it as a pre-shampoo treatment: Apply sesame oil to your hair and scalp before shampooing to nourish and protect your hair from the harsh chemicals in your shampoo.