Here's How You Can Deal With Conflicts At Work Place

By: Akshita Gupta  For: Date: 17th March 2023

1. Lend An Ear Whether you are one of the parties involved in a conflict or are in charge of resolving one, always listen to what everybody has to say. Everyone should listen to each other. Poor communication is one of the major causes of most conflicts. So, it is important to listen to others carefully and actively.

2. Be A Little Considerate Listening to others but not respecting their point of view cannot help resolve a conflict. People should acknowledge the fact that they cannot be right all the time. Everyone should learn to carefully consider the ideas, beliefs, and perspectives of other people. Then, they should consider the possibility of negotiation or compromise, which might be beneficial to both.

3. Practise Staying Calm It is important to stay calm while resolving conflicts. You should try to prevent your emotions from intervening and overtaking your rational thoughts when conflicts arise. Take the help of humour or ask for a break to meditate, watch a calming video or talk to someone who cares.

4. Take Facts Into Account Before arriving at a conclusion or passing a verdict, one must carefully consider all the pros and cons of all the ideas presented by all the parties. It is important not to take sides.  Jumping to hasty conclusions will never help. Conflicts may thus prove to be a learning experience for all those who are eager to grow professionally and personally.

5. Always Empathize & Cooperate If you listen to others calmly, explore, and explain all the possibilities and probabilities in a considerate way, you will be able to cooperate with others while completing the project at hand.