Have You Tried These Indian Vegan Recipes? 

World Vegan Day

1. Smoothie Bowl    When we think about eating more nutrition-dense foods to impact our health and build immunity.

2. Black Channa Patties    The easiest way to get your meals to be more satiating, fibre dense and mineral-rich, is to add beans!

3. Makai Ka Shorba Apart from being gluten-free and vegan, this shorba can also be made by championing a single vegetable to make a carrot soup or cabbage soup.

4. Jhalmuri or Churumuri Kids, adults and elders, this recipe is a favourite among all age groups. It’s easy to make and requires minimum effort.

5. Homemade Peanut Butter Peanut butter is easily available online or at every store. But most of them have oil, sugar and are filled with sodium that the delicious taste of peanuts are lost in them.