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Handmade Gifts For Your Dad That Need No Occasion

1. Theme Clock

Surprisingly, making a DIY clock is easier than you think. All you need are the right supplies. Themed DIY clocks are a great way to capture and represent a special moment or feeling you share with your dad and make amazing father’s day gifts.  If your dad is an adventure lover, he is going to love this adventure themed clock. But this is a basic guide. You can play around with ideas. Choose your own theme and personalise your clock your own way.

2. Pre-Shave Oil

Searching for simple and useful gift ideas for dad? This DIY pre-shave oil is just what you are looking for. Your super dad deserves everything the world has to offer…including soft and healthy skin! This amazing pre-shave oil can be used as an alternative to shaving gel. While this recipe is pretty basic, don‘t hesitate to experiment with different carrier oils and essential oils. Choose whatever works best for your ole man!

3. Tie Rack

If most of your father’s day gifts have been a tie so far, stir things up this year and give him this DIY tie rack instead. Here is how you can make a personalised tie holder for your main man!

4. Trail Mix

Here is a simple, no-fuss father’s day gift idea for a no-fuss dad. Give your dad the gift of healthy snacking by making a customised trail mix, adding everything he loves. Put it in a customised jar and you are good to go.

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