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Gynaecologist Dr Saba Fathima Debunks Sexual Health Myths You Need To Stop Believing!

1. The concept of virginity: An intact hymen is proof of virginity and a broken hymen indicates otherwise.

It is a common belief that a woman is considered a virgin if her hymen is intact. However, contrary to normal beliefs there is no actual scientific proof that a woman with a defect in her hymen is not a virgin. The hymen is a membrane in the vaginal canal with mostly no use. Many are under the impression that the hymen is a balloon-like membrane that covers the vaginal canal or a ring-like flesh in the opening. However, contrary to belief, the hymen is said to be more like the petals of a flower. It has notches, folds and clefts even during the state of virginity.

2. The need for lubrication only means lack of interest.

Vaginal lubrication is not only meant to make intercourse pleasurable but also make it safe. Lubrication takes place to make penetration easy and create friction during intercourse without causing any damage to the vaginal lining. The main reason for reduced lubrication is the lack of estrogen; women tend to produce less estrogen as they age. However, there are other reasons to cause a lack of estrogen in women like breastfeeding, cigarette smoking, depression, stress, immune disorders, childbirth, rigorous exercise, cancer treatment and surgical removal of ovaries.

3. The first time will always bleed or hurt.

Some women bleed after their first time while others don’t, and both are perfectly normal. Some women bleed when they have penetrative sex for the first time due to the disruption of the hymen. However, disruption of the hymen can also be caused while horse-riding, active participation in sports or while using a tampon. The first time a woman has intercourse she might experience some soreness but if there is considerable foreplay involved and the woman is aroused enough, chances of feeling any kind of pain is almost insignificant.

4. Condoms ruin the fun.

Condoms are very important in practising safe sex. Taking a minute to put on the condom is extremely important, especially if one wants to make sure to avoid STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections). During intercourse it is important to communicate with each other, this helps in easing tension and making it a fun activity. With the right attitude, intercourse can be a fun activity to indulge in without the worry of a condom killing the mood.

5. Sex is better when you’re younger.

Contradictory to general belief sex actually gets better with age, when combined with a youthful attitude. Research has shown that older women have reported better and more frequent orgasms compared to younger women. By the time people are older they are quite comfortable with their appearance and so less conscious of themselves and have less performance anxiety.

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