Go Mommy’s Roopika Sareen Shares Tips For New Moms To Save Money

Everyone agrees that having a baby can be the most rewarding time of your life, yet adjusting to the additional costs can be stressful. While talking about parenting, we seldom talk about the financial responsibilities that come along with it and ways of saving money. It’s still a hush-hush topic that one doesn’t discuss openly with friends or relatives and many of us end up taking suboptimal financial decisions.

Tips For Moms To Save Money

Buying Groceries & Staples

A big chunk of monthly expenditure comprises money spent on groceries and other basic essentials. Baby items like diapers, wipes, formulas and more take over new parents’ expenditures like anything. And trust me, it is an expensive affair. So what can we do to save a few bucks here?

1. Buy In Advance & In Bulk

This way not only will you pay less per item but also, you won’t be spending a bomb buying at the last minute from a convenience or medical store at midnight!

2. Stay Organised

This is a real problem for me. I’ll get home with a bunch of juices and realise I still have five cans. Keep your pantry, grocery cabinet, fridge organised so you don’t overbuy and avoid wastage.

3. Make A Menu Plan

Start with a weekly menu and then gradually move to fortnightly. This one is really a game-changer not in saving money but also time, in the long run. When you don’t have to wonder what to eat, you aren’t as tempted to order in or go out to eat. Simple.

Lifestyle Changes

1. Be Resourceful

– Learn basic skills that can save you lots of money like baking, cooking, etc, to avoid depending on buying these from outside. Or even things related to personal care. For example, I do my own manicures and pedicures. – Make your own baby food instead of buying packaged food.