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Go Mommy’s Roopika Sareen Shares Her 6 Weeks Postpartum Journey

The concept of postpartum 6-weeks comes with a backing of scientific logic and must not be treated as just another “parenting tip”. But if the idea of confinement or resting for 6 long weeks is not your cup of tea, one can resort to these simple tips to spend this time best—with the baby and yourself!

1. Start working on your baby journal; this is one thing that keeps getting ignored or procrastinated because once you get into regular errands with the household chores and have a little more active baby, you would end up trying to recollect the dates and moments. So while you are sitting, breastfeeding or just ‘resting’, keep updating your baby developments, your thoughts, messages from friends and family.

Missing your spa visits? Soak your feet in warm water while breastfeeding the baby and sit back and relax!

Heard about one-hand-one-click shopping? This is the time to try it out. With the baby with you now, it is easier for new moms to stock up baby products like diapers, clothes and more. So pick up your phone and get shopping! Don’t forget to shop some comfortable clothes for yourself, because, with the shrinking uterus, you might experience your belly getting back in shape very soon.

Most new moms complain of foggy memory and slow sense postpartum. Don’t worry, this is the work again of your mommy hormones. So utilise this time to keep your mind up and working. Pick up a Sudoku book or brain teasers to keep the pace up.

A typical nursing session is for almost 15-20 minutes. And guess what, same is with TED talks! Covering topics on almost everything under the sun, these work great to kill time and learn something new.

A new mum on an average clicks 20-30 pictures of her newborn ( of course this figure is not research-backed). Don’t let the pictures just be a part of a million other pictures on your phone. Download a Baby Art app and create cute memorable baby pics (thank heavens for smartphones!).

While you thought the celebrations are over because the baby is out, think again! Utilise this time to prepare for Baby Announcement! Start working on a list of friends and family, baby announcement gifts and make the best of this period. It’s important to celebrate the moments.

Get active on social media, with several Facebook help groups, especially for new mums, this is a great time to participate in discussions, ask questions, clear doubts and help fellow mums basis your experiences. In the process, you might make new mommy friends and that becomes a wonderful medium to socialise.

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