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Go Mommy’s Roopika Sareen Lists 10 Good Habits To Cultivate In Your Kids

I am sure you would agree that parenting comes along with a humongous and critical responsibility of helping our children live on the right path. And this path is chosen by nothing but the little choices that we make at every step. And guess what? These little choices are nothing but our habits! Habits are things we do without even thinking about. They can seem like little things, but habits possess great power to change our lives in either direction. This is why it’s crucial that parents are intentional about cultivating good habits in kids. These habits can be as basic as eating at the dining table or tidying up the room every day or brushing teeth twice a day. But the fact remains that our little choices become habits and they really matter!

1. Love & respect your body

Well, the first life lesson I have always believed in and keep reinforcing to my kids is to love their own body. Accept it, take care of it and respect it. Hence a few essential habits to be imbibed in kids are: – Eat mindfully – Devote some time every day to fitness – Maintain personal hygiene

2. Try new things

This is one habit we really want to help our kids establish. Change can be hard. Inviting new things into our ‘comfortable life’ is something many of us would prefer not to do. Encourage your kids to resist this kind of comfort. I tell my kids to try at least one new thing every single day. Maybe it’s a new food, a new activity, or possibly even striking up a conversation with a new friend. This one habit will help kids step outside of their comfort zone and do incredible things in life.

3. Have a healthy sleep schedule

Help your kids establish the habit of cherishing their sleep and making it a priority in life. A good bedtime routine and consistent bedtime go a long way in helping kids (and adults) have happy and effective days.

4. Connect with self & be grateful

Another key habit I want my kids to form is saying a ‘bedtime prayer’. Perhaps this is one habit I have carried forward from my childhood and believe in it to the core. Prayer is essential for life. It connects one to the force within and provides comfort. Start this habit very young by praying at meals or before bed and express gratitude for everything around you.

5. Work every day

Teach your children to do chores at an early age and to work hard at school. This habit is not only about life skills but in the long run, forms an essential 21st-century skill for this generation.

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