Go Mommy’s Roopika On 5 Reasons You Feel Mom-Guilt, But Really Shouldn’t!

Let’s talk about the Big G! If you’re a mom, there’s a 99% chance you’ve experienced mom guilt. Okay, let’s be real. It’s more like 100%. I think it’s quite synonymous with motherhood in itself. There’s a feeling of anxiousness, fear, self-doubt, zillion permutation-combinations of thoughts, feeling of inferiority and finally, guilt! And by no means I would tell you that mom-guilt isn’t real—it is, and sometimes it’s overwhelming.

1. Not breastfeeding or not breastfeeding long enough, or not enjoying every single second of breastfeeding Let me be honest here, as much as I advocate breastfeeding, I must admit it is an utterly boring process after a while. But this uninvited reason of mom-guilt simply comes into our minds because even today, people love to throw in their two cents about how your child should be fed!

2. Your child’s diet is awful I feel you, mommy. Having a picky eater in the family can cause some serious mom-guilt. But look around yourself and you would find several examples to make you understand that a picky eater doesn’t stay that way forever. It’s best not to make the dinner table a battleground over food; simply keep offering your child a wide variety of nutritious items.

3. Letting your kids be bored Picture this, your kid is jumping on the sofa whining of boredom and you are cuddled on the couch surfing through Instagram. You see moms posting Pinterest-perfect crafts and activities set up and ready to go for their little ones. You start comparing and questing yourself.

4. Letting kids have extra screen time This is most relevant in the current scenario, and a lot of moms like me feel this guilt at least once in the day. But, we all need that one moment to hear our own thoughts. I agree it is important to limit screen time, but some days, just some days, that plan can be tweaked.

5. Being bored of being a parent Does this happen with you often? Do you feel the need to engage in something grown up, like talking to an adult about things beyond diapers, feeds, spit-ups and potty training? Why don’t people talk more about how boring parenthood can be? Of course, it’s a blast to play with your kids, see them hitting their milestones, watch them master new skills, and conquer new games.