Get Rid of Unwanted Hair At Home With These 5 Hacks

Gelatin And Milk Peel Off Mask This DIY mask contains the goodness of milk. It is extremely sticky which makes it easier to peel off unwanted hair in an instant. What’s more, it gets rid of blackheads, whiteheads and dead skin cells!

Chocolate And Sugar Wax Treat your skin while you wax your body hair. It’s easy to make hair wax at home and is an effective way to get rid of body hair. Cocoa has anti-inflammatory properties and helps make simple homemade sugar wax even better.

Papaya And Sesame Oil Mask Sesame oil hydrates the skin as well as helps get rid of body hair. When mixed with papaya, this concoction is a pain-free way to eliminate hair.

Besan Facial Mask Another ingredient that exfoliates our skin effectively is besan. It is also a powerful cleanser and leaves the skin feeling smooth.

Lentil And Potato Mask While potatoes help make delicious food, they also have bleaching properties that lighten skin and hair. Dried lentils are an effective way to pull off unwanted hair.