Fun Vegan Recipes To Try  This Week

World Vegan Day

1. Baked Whole Grain Mathri This is a very non-traditional approach to Mathri, but a nutritious and guilt-free one! The Mathri recipe can be used for the monsoon!

2. Corn Chaat    For those who can’t get enough of delicious corn in this chilly weather, here’s a street special recipe that you simply can’t resist.

3. Cashew Butter Recipe Cashew butter is the best nut butter to have on a keto diet and is healthy for the heart. They are mineral powerhouses loaded with magnesium, copper, &  phosphorus.

4. Kothimbir Vadi If you are looking for a healthy vegan snack that’s tasty, then try these coriander fritters. Dhaniya helps improve digestion and lower cholesterol.

5. Veggie Besan Chilla A simple besan chilla, upgraded to be immune boosting and nutrition-rich, in this simple recipe. This recipe is good for 3-4 servings.