Fun Dussehra Facts You  Should Know About

1. The Gift Of Gold There are many such rituals associated with Dussehra, followed in various parts of the country. One such practice that is followed in Maharashtra is the gifting of “gold” during Dussehra.

2. Mahabharat Dussehra also marks the homecoming of Pandavas from their exile of 13 years. When the Pandavas had lost their kingdom, they were in exile for 12 years.

3. Eradication Of Vices The burning effigies signify the killing of all evils of the soul, which are represented by the ten heads  of Ravana.

4. The First Celebration It is believed that the first grand celebration of Dussehra took place in the Mysore Palace, Karnataka in the 17th century at the orders of then King, Wodeyar.

5. Beyond India  Dussehra is not only celebrated in India but also Bangladesh, Nepal & Malaysia. It is a national holiday in Malaysia.