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From Wildlife Safaris To Tiger Tracking, The Untamed Tale Of How I Found My Passion

Some journeys are a bucket of life lessons and they transform you beyond your wildest imagination—this was true for me figuratively, and literally. What began as run-of-the-mill holiday travelling, turned into me discovering my great passion for wildlife safaris and tiger tracking.

This trip to Ranthambore was a little more unusual than my previous trips to Rajasthan. The symbiotic relationship of wildlife and nature set against the mesmerising backdrop of the most scenic locales—the kind you see in postcards, or perhaps, on National Geographic, humbled me and calmed my racing mind.

On the first day, I saw the two intimidating bluish-grey eyes I came for, the orange-gold around the big cat’s black velvet artistic stripes, coming out of the tall grass… my words can’t create a picture that does justice to how majestic this animal was.

The ability to feel, to respond, to defend the things you hold dear, the courage to fight back. To still remain standing after falling seven times means you got up and got yourself together eight times. You are a survivor worthy of all the respect and honour.

One look into the eyes of the mighty tigress changed my outlook towards life and with that, I started Junglebuff, my very own wildlife safari excursion platform. I hope that I can help others experience the experience that changed me. And also, make my contribution to wildlife conservation and create awareness about these beautiful creatures.

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