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Food For Thought: Wheat Vs Jowar & 3 Must Know Benefits Of Wheat

Whole wheat is a good source of fibre which promotes healthy digestion and also lowers blood pressure, glucose as well as cholesterol levels. B vitamins are required for the maintenance of body metabolism.

1. Whole Wheat Is A Good Source Of Nutrients And Fibre

Some antioxidants present in wheat include Ferulic acid, Lignans, Lutein and Phytic acid. Antioxidants play a protective role against diseases and help in the maintenance of a healthy body.

2. Whole Wheat Contains Antioxidants

As whole grains are rich in fibre, it helps in enhancing good microbiota in the gut and also prevents the development of pathogenic microbes. Fibre also helps in increasing bulk to the stools thus reducing the occurrence of constipation.

3. Promotes Digestive Health

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