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Food For Thought: Busting The Myth That Skipping Breakfast Makes You Gain Weight

After long periods of not eating overnight, the first thing that we consume in the morning is usually our breakfast. Lack of breakfast can contribute to dizziness, fatigue and lowered attention span.

1. Provides You With Energy

Benefits Of Consuming Breakfast

If you consume a well-balanced breakfast, you are less likely to feel hungry or suffer from hunger pangs. Skipping breakfast might make you crave processed or unhealthy foods (high in fat or sugar) which might contribute to weight gain.

2. Lowers Your Appetite And Helps In Weight Management

Some researches have found an association between skipping breakfast and increased susceptibility to diseases like Diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases or Obesity. There are also lower levels of LDL cholesterol seen too.

3. Reduced Susceptibility To Diseases

Consuming breakfast helps improve our memory, attention span and concentration. According to some studies, children who consumed breakfast were able to perform well academically than those who skipped breakfast.

4. Improves Cognition

A good breakfast is a good source of nutrients like vitamin A, C, B complex vitamins, fibre, calcium and iron. A good breakfast would provide around 20-25% of your daily nutrient intake.

5. Source Of Nutrients

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