Female Influencers Who Are Doing Wonders

1. Shreya Pattar  

Shreya Pattar is a huge success on Linkedin, a rather unusual platform for Content Creation. But Shreya’s profession calls for it. She is a Mumbai based Copywriter and Content Writer who got viral for her Linkedin post on how she met the CEO of Linkedin. Ever since Shreya started creating content and now she provides great value to freelancers through her Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin as well as Youtube. She answers all the questions one might have starting in their freelancer journey and has helped a lot of people build successful freelance careers.

2. Mridul Sharma    

Mridul is a Mumbai based Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle blogger and people love her for how relatable she is. She had just finished her bachelors in Economics when she started doing Youtube full-time and her hard work paid off as now she has more than 4 lakh subscribers on her channel. Her content is quite helpful to young girls as she shows how to choose the right affordable brands and have routines set in place if you are into that kind of thing.

3. Pooja Dhingra    

Pooja Dhingra is known for opening the very first macaron store in India. She is a pastry chef from Mumbai and we love that she is so open about her life on Instagram. She creates content around her life, food, work and friends and you can also pick up some great cooking tips from there. She is a true inspiration for people in the food industry and once you visit her profile you can’t resist following her account. TC46 has had the pleasure of connecting with her and you can click here to know more about her journey.

4. Prajakta Koli    

Mostly known as ‘Mostly Sane’ Prajakta Koli owns the internet. Her fan base is huge as her sketch videos are super hit among Gen Z. She creates funny relatable content about situations in Indian households and that has helped her gain more than 6 million subscribers. Prajakta was just another middle-class girl who wanted to make a career as an RJ but life had something better planned for her. And now that she is an internet superstar, her journey teaches us how to jump on opportunities and make the best out of them.

5. Tanya Appachu    

A lot of us don’t know about the rights and laws that are created for women in India. Lawyer Tanya Appachu was aware of this and she decided to help out the millions watching on Instagram with her informative yet entertaining videos. Tanya creates content for women educating them about their rights and how to take action when something unfortunate happens. Her videos are highly shareable among young women as most of her videos are attention-grabbing. Curious about Tanya’s journey? Click here to know more about her.