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Face Rollers 101: How To Include Them In Your Skincare Routine

Facts And Myths About Facial Rollers

With facial rollers being popular all over the skincare and makeup community, there are many claims being made about them. Here are some facts and myths about the tool. 1. Facial massage can improve your mood – Fact The face massage roller benefits your skin as the massage can reduce anxiety and calm your mind. 1. Face rollers can reduce face fat – Myth Face rollers depuff your face and hence give it a temporary slimming effect. But it doesn’t lead to permanent slim fact. 1. Face rollers can remove toxins from the face – Fact The massaging act done by a face roller can stimulate lymphatic drainage.

Benefits Of Face Rollers

Face roller benefits the mind and the skin in various ways. While it depuffs the face, it also massages the facial muscles and destresses you. Here are more face roller benefits. 1. The jade stone is a naturally cool stone, and the roller makes it easy to apply gentle pressure all over the face. Hence it works as a face massage roller. You can even store it in the fridge for an amped cool factor. 2. Massaging it on your face is said to decrease face puffiness, tones and firms the skin. 3. It increases blood circulation and hence brings a natural glow to the face.

How To Use A Facial Roller

If you are wondering – ‘do face rollers work?’, then the answer is yes! But you need to know how to use a face roller. Usually face rollers are used with facial oils or serums. 1. Apply a facial oil, serum or mask on the face. Make sure the product applied is oily or well lubricated as massaging with the tool can pull or tug the skin which may actually contribute to wrinkles. Massage your face with the natural and organic face cream from the Red Dot Shop here. 1. Start at the neck and roll upward. Always roll up, not back and forth.

Which Is The Best Face Roller You Should Buy? 1. Jade Roller

Remember when you would rub ice all over your face to reduce redness, puffiness, and inflammation. Well, ice can disrupt your facial nerves. Hence it is a better idea to invest in a jade roller to calm redness, puffiness, and inflammation. The natural cool jade stone helps calm the skin instantly and prep your skin for any makeup look. Add your facial roller in the refrigerator for 10-15 mins for an extra cooling effect.

Which Is The Best Face Roller You Should Buy? 2. Gua sha 

The Gua Sha tool is a curved shaped stone used to sculpt and massage the face. It was a part of ancient Chinese medicine to relieve stress and tension in the muscles. A regular gua sha massage helps in toning the fat under the skin and lifting the facial muscles for a chiselled look. The shape and curves of the tool make it easy to use on your skin.

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