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Eye-Catching Hairstyles You Can Flaunt If You Have Short Hair

1. Short Bob The easiest and yet most elegant hairstyle for people with short wavy hair is the short wavy bob. The feathery layers towards the end of the hair almost like a beheaded look is the best way of maintaining short wavy hair. This asymmetrical bob look helps you make a chic and elegant statement at any event or function. Paired with layers cut around the face, the bob gives you a cute and playful look that works like a charm.

2. Messy Stacked Bob Style With Long Bangs This stacked bob cut for short wavy hair has a small stack in the back and no layers on the top. Because of its multiple interior layers, this hairstyle is smooth when your hair is straight and has texture where curly. It hence gives you the best of both worlds: classy and sassy. Couples with long side bangs, this hairstyle is perfect for someone looking at getting a chi overall look.

3. Pixie Cut Another classic in the book of wavy hairstyles, a pixie cut can be done in many ways. While most people go for short hair all over, some choose to leave the hair strands a little longer throughout the front and even for a bedhead look which means opting for a combo of long and short hair that gives your hair a messy look. A great complimenting style could be adding waves and length on top of the crown to style the hair into a side part or straight back that gives you a more elegant look at every function.

4. Textured Undercuts If you’re looking for short hairstyles for wavy hair that are low maintenance and yet compliments your short wavy hair for every event, go for the textured undercut. An undercut is sure to liven up your wavy strands and take your style up a few notches. This style gives you a choice of shaving either the back, side or both parts of your hair to channelise a rockstar-ish look that is sure to turn a few heads at every event.

5. Parted Short Wavy Hair For people who have a long and rectangular face shape, a side part is perfect. The hair being swamped on one side of the face gives the illusion of volume and movement. One can also experiment with a zig-zag part for a more youthful look. For people with oval face shapes, the middle part is a perfect match. One can choose between various styles of waves like smooth, shaggy or a beach wave hairstyle while opting for the middle-parted hairstyle.

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5 Trending Wavy Hairstyles For Short Hair