Expert Tips On How To Ask Your Manager For Promotion & Raise

By: Akshita Gupta  For: Date: 17th March 2023

1. Know Your Worth And Numbers What is the existing pay scale for your job position and location right now? Salaries can vary dramatically depending on where you work or what location you’re in. You’ll have an easier time justifying a salary raise if there’s concrete evidence that you’re comparatively underpaid in comparison to others in your region. 

2. Be Ready To Negotiate When it comes to asking for a raise or a promotion, knowing your worth is critical. In fact, not knowing how to negotiate a raise is one of the most common professional blunders. You shouldn’t bring numbers into the conversation until you’ve been offered the promotion, but you should be ready with one when the topic arises. 

3. Consider Other Perks A raise does not have to be monetary. Consider other areas where you are willing to bargain, such as vacation time, flexible work hours, stock options, or other reimbursement(s), before commencing discussions.

4. Put in the proposal for your promotion after doing research and consider the timings.

5. Think about what you can provide the company.

6. Know your worth and present a well put together pitch (with relevant data and proof of your contribution). Be professional and don’t threaten or hold grudges because of rejection.