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Expert Talk: Dr Smriti Singh Shares 7 Things You Need To Know About Minimalist Skincare

1. Minimalist skincare = Less is more

A minimalist skincare routine eliminates excess skin products, and uses only basic products which your skin needs. It also means choosing products that are very low on added preservatives, and don’t have parabens. When we use many products on our skin, we don’t know which product would cause allergies or damage to the skin.

2. Stick to the basics: Cleanse, moisturise, use sun protection

Moisturizer is the mainstay of skincare. A good moisturizer for the face and one for the body is a must for everyone. A good cleanser, according to skin type, comes on number 2 of the routine. If a person has a routine sun exposure, sunscreen must come 3rd in the list. These suffice for the majority of people. Homemade moisturizer can be a life saver for sensitive skin. Read the article to know more.

3. A minimalist skincare routine is not the same as a complete skincare routine

Minimalist skincare routine includes moisturizer, face wash, and sunscreen when going outdoors. Complete skincare routine will need you to add on one night cream according to your skin’s needs (as per age, skin problems like acne, pigmentation and ageing skin, weather, skin type) over and above the previously mentioned three products.

4. Use products with fewer ingredients to help your skin detox

Absolutely. I am a believer in letting the skin breathe. Fewer ingredients are akin to a clean diet with less processing and packaging. The preservatives, fragrance, colouring agents can be independent causes of allergies to certain skins. So minimal ingredients are key to a healthy skin regime.

5. Minimalist skincare is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, irritated skin

Yes. Minimalist skincare is advisable to all. Certain skins with advanced ageing changes like deep wrinkles, freckles, sun spots, seborrheic keratoses need more than a minimalist routine. Those with active acne need night creams and anti-acne therapy.

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