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Expert Talk: 8 Possible Signs Of Vaginal Yeast Infection, 3 Preventive Tips & How To Treat It

8 Possible Symptoms of Vaginal Yeast Infection

1. Feeling itchy around the  vaginal area 2. Swelling around the vagina 3. Redness 4. Rash 5. Soreness 6. Burning during urination or sex 7. Feeling excessive pain during sex 8. Women also experience a white or yellowish clumpy discharge which can feel thick or watery in nature

Treatment For Vaginal infection

If you want to get rid of vaginal yeast infection, you will most likely be recommended to go for over the counter medications by your doctor. You can go for anti-fungal cream or suppository. Medications for fungal infections usually come as cream or ointment and are easily available at most pharmacies or grocery stores.

3 Preventive Tips For Vaginal Infection

Tight clothing can be uncomfortable for you and if it is made up of materials like nylon and polyester, they can hold in moisture and yeast likes to grow in moist places. Going with fabrics like cotton is more recommended.

1. Wear A Comfortable Underwear

2. Use Of Unscented Products

Scented tampons or pads, certain soaps, or vaginal cleaners can irritate your vagina and the natural balance of vaginal bacteria. You should be using unscented products and cleaners.

3. Maintain Intimate Hygiene

Taking care of your intimate hygiene can prevent the risk of vaginal yeast infection. You should regularly clean your vulva and vagina with gentle cleaners.

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