Easy Steps To Drape A Saree

Everyone has had to drape a saree at least once in their lifetime. Be it for graduations, farewell, teachers day or fancy dress competitions. And at that time we had our mom’s twisting us around trying to tie the saree, while we struggled to stand straight. But you are all grown up and it’s time you master this skill. Watch the video to learn 5 different ways to drape a saree. Also, here is a quick lesson on how to drape a saree. 1. Wear your saree blouse and petticoat. If you are wearing heels, wear that as well. 2. Make a knot on the top corner of the plain end of the saree and tuck the knot into the left side of the petticoat. 3. Make a complete turn from the right to the left. The lower end of the saree should be slightly above the floor.

4. Tuck in the fabric around the waist into the petticoat neatly. Ensure that only your toes are seen. 5. With the extra fabric hanging from the tucked area, start creating pleats. Make about 6 to 8 pleats. 6. Tuck the pleats into the petticoat while making sure the pleated sides fall right below your navel. 7. Hold the pleats of fabric up and adjust them until they are even and straight. 8. Now take the leftover part of the saree and make another complete round from right to left.

9. Get hold of the decorative end of the saree (pallu) and pleat the top edges of the pallu. 10. Adjust the pleats until they are even and drop the pleated pallu over your left shoulder. Note: – As a beginner, make sure to secure your saree with safety pins. Carry extra pins just in case. – Always wear your heels before draping the saree. This ensures the correct length of your saree. – Buy saree pins for extra assurance.