Easy DIY Diwali Lanterns To Lighten Up Your Home


1. Butterfly Lantern  An easy alternative if you want to know how to make kandil with craft paper, this butterfly lantern is a modern & colourful twist to the traditional kandil.

2. Plastic Glass Lantern This one is for all the busy people who don’t know how to make a lantern at home & are at a loss of time.

3.  Plastic Bottle Lantern This kandil made out of waste plastic cola bottles can be made with materials that are easily available in every home.

4. Ganesh Lantern No Indian festival is complete without Ganesh Vandana. These quick and easy lanterns are a  perfect mix of devotion, simplicity and gracefulness.

5. Milk Carton Lantern The milk cartons which would otherwise be dumped in the bin  can now be transformed into these spectacular lanterns.