Drink With D Wine Solutions’ Devati Mallick On Starting Out As A Wine Sommelier

1. What is your educational and professional background?

I’ve been in the hospitality industry for almost a decade. I started my career as an undergraduate intern with the Oberoi Group and then received my postgraduate management training from the coveted Oberoi Centre of Learning & Development.

2. What prompted you to become a wine sommelier and start ‘Drink With D Wine Solutions’?

In fact, it was quite a revelatory moment that inoculated the quest in me to learn about wines. While working in the restaurant during my early internship days with the Oberoi, a wine service at a VIP table went horribly wrong, followed up with an irate supervisor giving me a piece of his mind – was the start of it. Initially, I took to reading about wines as a part of my training in Food and Beverage, but I quickly got hooked on to its fascinating world.

3. Did you always want to work in this space?

Not even the slightest! During my high school days, I wanted to become a CA or work in finance like my older sibling. I even enrolled in a B. Com. programme at a prestigious college in Bangalore. A chance application to the Oberoi Group’s STEP, a 3-year on-the-job hotel training programme led me to explore the opportunity, and before I knew it, I was on a train from Bangalore to Agra (I was placed for an internship at The Oberoi, Amarvilas) to pursue the course.

4. What was your first milestone? And how did you get there?

There have been so many, each special in a way. From achieving the toughest wine certification I have faced up until now, the Certified Sommelier level by the Court of Master Sommeliers to winning the Indian Sommelier Championship in 2018, I was the first lady to win the title in the competition’s 11-year history! They have always been great milestones for me.

5. Tell us about your journey in the wine industry?

I started by approaching the most humble way of learning – reading. The big, fat, endless volumes of wine books were fascinating to the ‘book worm’ in me. Even today, despite the abundance of online resources on the topic, I prefer reaching out to my trusty wine books! Over my time in the various luxury hotels I trained in and worked at, I met different people who would teach me new things about the beverage.

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