Don't Take Birth Control Pills  If You Have These 6 Issues

Sexual Health

1. Serious Heart Problems  Birth control pills can worsen heart problems by increasing clot risk, posing health risks to those with serious heart conditions.

2. Kidney or Liver Problems   People with kidney or liver problems may not be suitable for birth control pills due to potential issues with metabolizing hormones, increasing health risks.

3. Cancer Cancer history may contraindicate birth control pills due to hormonal interactions impacting cancer recurrence or progression. 

4. Blood Clots In Your Body Individuals with a history of blood clots may be at higher risk of clotting complications when taking birth control pills.

5. High BP  High blood pressure can be exacerbated by birth control pills, increasing the risk of cardiovascular complications. 

6. Migraine With Aura  Migraines with aura may contraindicate birth control pills  due to an increased risk of stroke.