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Does Face Yoga Really Work? Try These 5 Asanas & See The Results

5 Face Yoga Asanas 1. Face Yoga For The Lips

Every woman dreams of having fuller lips. This face yoga technique is a safe, easy and inexpensive alternative to the painful lip enhancement surgeries and fillers. People who ask “does face yoga method really work” will be in for a surprise when they begin to notice plump lips with regular practice of these asanas. Spare a few minutes each day for this yoga practise and you are sure to see a difference in the appearance of your lips.

2. Face Yoga For The Eyes

Does face yoga method really work for people with dark circles? The answer is yes, most definitely. Puffy eyes and dark circles are very common skin problems. Face yoga can help correct these problems. These practices stimulate the flow of blood in the eye region, causing the area to look bright and refreshed. Face yoga also helps in reducing crow’s feet and other fine lines in the eye region.

3. Face Yoga For The Neck

Bad posture and working on the computer for long periods of time can cause stress and tension in the neck muscles. This facial yoga practise gives a good stretch to the neck muscles, releases any tension and also tones the neck.

4. Face Yoga For The Forehead

This yoga asana is a great replacement for Botox. Appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead is a concern many women have. Face yoga helps in smoothing these lines and making the face look younger and healthier. This face yoga asana also helps in relaxation.

5. Face Yoga For Blood Circulation

Blood circulation to the face is often compromised as we age. This face yoga practise is very helpful in stimulating the flow of blood to various parts of the face, causing it to be healthy on the inside and look better on the outside. The slow tapping on the face also feels like a massage and brings about relaxation and calm.

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