DIY Tan Removing Recipes For Your Hands

Potato And Lemon  

Potatoes contain an enzyme, which can help get rid of tan and brighten your skin. Here is how to remove sun tan from hands using this amazing ingredient. Method 1: 1. Blend 2 to 3 potatoes to make a paste 2. Apply the paste on your hands 3. Let it stay for a few minutes before washing your hands

Gram Flour And Yoghurt  

A pack of gram flour (besan) and yoghurt is another way how to remove tan from hands. Together these ingredients will give you a cleaner and more radiant skin. Method: 1. Add 2 tablespoons of gram flour to 3 tablespoons of gram flour and mix well 2. You may also add a few drops of rose water 3. Apply the mixture on the affected areas

Lemon Juice  

Another method for how to remove tan from arms is lemon juice. The bleaching properties of lemon can help you remove tan from hands. Method: 1. Take a lemon slice and rub on the affected areas 2. Let it sit for a few minutes 3. Wash it off 4. Apply moisturiser to keep your hands soft