DIY Neem, Tulsi & Rose Water Hair Mask Recipe That Alia Bhatt Cannot Have Enough Of

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Neem and tulsi leaves cleanses the scalp, working as an effective anti-dandruff solution. It also treats and prevents hair fall.

On the other hand, rose water hydrates your scalp and hair from deep within, contributing to overall hair health.

Leave fresh neem and tulsi leaves out to dry under the sun and dry them enough for you to be able to crush them into a fine powder.

Mix few drops of rose water and 2 cloves in it and blend thoroughly to get an even mixture.

Apply it evenly all over your scalp and hair, right from the roots to the tips. Put your hair up and keep it in place with a shower cap.

Let the hair pack stay for 30 minutes or till it dries up completely. Rinse it off thoroughly with a mild shampoo and conditioner.