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DIY Hair Masks For Healthy, Bouncy Hair

Methi & Curry Leaves Hair Mask For Thick, Voluminous Hair

Both fenugreek (methi) and curry leaves (kadipatta) are noted for their benefits in promoting hair growth. You can get the goodness of both in one hair mask with this recipe. You Will Need: – 15-20 fresh curry leaves (kadipatta) – 15-20 methi leaves (or 1 tablespoon of methi powder)

Mayonnaise & Coffee Hair Mask For Strong Hair

While this is another form of hair mask, its results are different from the others. Mayonnaise helps regain the texture of the hair and hence leads to a better shine.  You Will Need: – 1 tablespoon of coffee powder – 1 tablespoon  mayonnaise – 1 teaspoon glycerin

Egg Yolk & Fenugreek Seed Hair Pack For Relieving Itchy Scalp

Here is another way you can use fenugreek for hair and scalp health. While the lecithin in fenugreek helps in treating the itchy scalp, the egg yolk is effective in making the hair soft, smooth and shiny.  You Will Need: – 1 cup fenugreek seeds (methi) – Egg yolk (from 1 egg)

Amla & Tulsi Hair Mask To Beat Dandruff

Loaded with vitamin C, antibacterial properties and anti-inflammatory properties, amla can help treat hair dryness and dandruff. It also offers relief from itchiness and scalp irritation by cleansing the scalp and restoring its optimum pH levels.  You Will Need:Amla powder – Water – 8-10 tulsi leaves (holy basil)

Fenugreek & Curd Hair Pack To Combat Flaky Scalp

Using curd for dandruff is the best homemade remedy to get rid of repeated dry flaky dandruff forever. Curd helps curb stubborn dandruff and methi is a natural cleanser. You Will Need: – 1 cup of curd (dahi) – 5 teaspoon of fenugreek seed powder (methi) – 1 teaspoon of lemon juice

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