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DIY Face & Body Scrubs To Gently Exfoliate Your Skin

1. Goodness Of Haldi & Besan Exfoliator

Here’s a simple yet effective solution to reduce hyperpigmentation caused by suntan and sunspots. A blend of two powerful ingredients, this exfoliator is one of the best home remedies. Gram flour (besan) is an effective exfoliating agent. Turmeric (haldi) is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and helps reduce skin pigmentation.

2. Go Vegan With This Coffee & Coconut Scrub

The combination of ingredients used below is a no-brainer exfoliant as well as moisturiser, and an excellent way of getting rid of dead skin. Some experts say that caffeine dilates blood vessels and reduces the appearance of skin dimples. It helps get rid of cellulite, inflammation and uneven skin tone. This can be enjoyed once a week.

3. No More Oil Buildup With Oatmeal

Our skin naturally produces oils that help keep it moisturised. But an oversecretion of oil can lead to clogged pores that cause dark spots, acne and blemishes. A great exfoliator, oatmeal absorbs excess oil and is a natural scrub for oily skin.

4. Brighten Underarms, Knees & Elbows With An Orange Peels Scrub

The skin around the underarms, knees and elbows is stretched a lot and is sensitive. Thus it is prone to hyperpigmentation. Orange peels are popularly used to brighten these areas as they are rich in skin brightening and exfoliating properties.

5. Diminish Pigmentation With A Dahi Exfoliator

Dahi has lactic acid which helps in sloughing the dead cells from the skin and to diminish the pigmentation spots. When mixed with besan, this exfoliating pack will give you cleaner and more radiant skin.

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