DIY Diwali Gifts Idea To Make Your Loved Ones Feel Special


1. Handmade Candles Candles & diyas are an essential part of every Diwali celebration. These handmade candles are a  very intelligent gift option as they promise beauty with utility.

2. Handmade Coaster  The best part about these coasters is that they are ready in a jiffy, require fewer materials and can be customised in any design to suit the preferences of the giver or choices of the receiver.

3. Handmade Pen Stand  This quick and easy pen stand is sure to remind your friends and family of you every time they step into their study or work space.

4. Handmade Lamp  Light up the homes of your loved ones with this simple handmade lamp. Wine glasses are a symbol of good times and so shall be this gift of yours.

5. Handmade Greeting Cards  While most people buy readymade cards, there are many simple greeting card ideas which barely take any time.