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Diwali Makeup Looks To Try This Season

1. Gorgeous Glam

1. Gorgeous Glam This diwali makeup look is perfect for poojas and when you’re wearing your stunning sarees. To get the look, follow the steps: Step 1: Apply moisturiser and primer on your face. Step 2: Then begin with the eyeshadow. Clear the base with concealer, then apply the nude shade all over the eyelid. Make a stroke on the eyelid with the bronze hue, then blend it in with the brush. Step 3: Apply foundation and concealer. Then, using a blush, accent the cheekbones, forehead, and nose tip. Step 4: Choose a pink or vivid red lipstick.

2. Bold Dewy

The subtle yet bold makeup look is perfect for nighttime celebrations. You’re bound to be the star of the night. Step 1: Begin with priming your face as usual, then proceed to the eye makeup. Step 2: Choose copper, brown, and maroon colours. For your eyes the inner side is copper, the outside side is brown, and the crease line is maroon. Blend it thoroughly. Step 3: Choose a winged eyeliner and a bright red lipstick. Step 4: Apply foundation to mask any faults. Draw attention to the cheekbones, forehead, chin, nose tip, and collarbones with a highlighter.

3. Drama Queen

Want to stand out? This is one of the finest Diwali special makeup you could go for. Bring out your makeup arsenal and let’s get started. Step 1: The first step is to apply concealer to form a base, followed by the darker brown hue until the crease on your eye. Step 2: Blend in a maroon or crimson colour over the crease line. Step 3: Then, to achieve that dramatic appearance, apply gold eyeshadow. Before applying eyeshadow, make sure you’ve shaped your brows with a brow pencil. Step 4: Finally, finish the look by using the nude toned liquid lipstick.

4. Minimalistic Might

Don’t want to carry heavy makeup on hectic days? These steps are all you need to do: Step 1: After priming your face, shape your brows before applying eye makeup. Step 2: The eye makeup is simple to do, begin with applying primer and moisturiser, followed by a subtle shade of your choice. Step 3: After that, apply the coral lipstick and some blush on your cheeks to finish the look.

5. Glitter Glow

On the contrary, do you want to be bold and be the talk of the show? Then follow the steps given below: Step 1: Do your base as usual followed by perfecting your brows. Step 2: The eyes are going to be the star so after applying some concealer, opt for a classy colour like pink. Step 3: To add to the extraness, stick shiny beads around your eyes. Step 4: finish the look with a simple nude lipstick and set your face with a mist.

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