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Desi Nuskhe: 7 Homemade Facial Toners For All Skin Types

1. Rosewater (Gulabjal) For Combination Skin

You must have heard your maa and nani use rosewater as a skincare ingredient. This is a homemade toner for combination skin. How To Use It: 1. Cleanse your face. 2. Take a piece of cotton, pour a few drops of rosewater in it enough for your face and neck. 3. Run it all over your face and neck. 4. Apply your regular moisturiser.

2. Aloe Vera And Neem Toner For Oily Skin

This aloe vera and neem toner will control sebum and oil discharge on your skin and prevent acne. This is a homemade toner for oily skin. How To Use It: 1. Take a handful of fresh neem leaves and boil them in a cup of water for ten minutes. 2. Let the water cool down and then store it in a spray bottle.

3. Green Tea Toner

Not only is green tea good for your metabolism, but also your skin. These herbs work miraculously as a DIY green tea toner. It supplies natural oils to your skin and does wonders. How To Use It: 1. Soak a green tea bag in lukewarm water and leave it for about 2-3 minutes. 2. Now drain off the water and let it cool. 3. Rub this tea bag over your skin and neck.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar and Ginger Toner For Acne Prone Skin

Apple cider vinegar and ginger have numerous benefits for your body as well as your skin. The antioxidants present rejuvenates your skin and makes it healthier. This homemade toner for acne scars will visibly lighten spots and scars on your skin.

5. Cucumber Toner For Sensitive Skin

Cucumber is one such ingredient that is readily available in your kitchen. This is a homemade toner for sensitive skin. For everyone out there who are afraid to use heavy cosmetic products as they result in redness and irritation, this is your solution.

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