Debunking 5 Menstrual Swimming Myths

Menstrual Health 

Myth 1: Swimming During Periods Will Attract Sharks Reality: This widespread myth has no scientific basis whatsoever. Sharks can smell blood in the water, sure but not menstrual blood specifically. 

Myth 2: Menstrual Blood Will Contaminate A Pool Or Ocean Reality: Menstrual blood is not really that different from any other bodily fluid like sweat or saliva, which naturally occur in pools & oceans.

Myth 3: Swimming Can Cause Menstrual Flow to Reverse or Get Stuck Reality: Obviously, your menstrual flow is not affected by swimming.

Myth 4: Swimming During Periods Causes Discomfort Reality: Yes, some people do feel discomfort or have cramps during their periods, but many others feel swimming during their period is a relaxing activity.

Myth 5: Swimming During Periods Causes Infections Reality: If you’re following proper hygiene like changing out of your wet swimsuits immediately, and taking a shower after swimming, it will prevent infections.