Curly Hair Tips Inspired By Bollywood Diva Taapsee Pannu 


1. Oil Twice A Week Taapsee love to massage her curls with olive oil twice a week to keep the strands off frizz and dullness.

2. Shampoo-Conditioner Routine The actor makes sure that she uses a shampoo and conditioner that are specifically made for curly hair.

3. Hair Mask To The Rescue Taapsee loves to use a hair masks to tame her locks to breathe life into it and also fight frizziness and hair damage.

4. Stay Away From Heating Tools Heating and styling tools are the death knell for healthy hair, not just wavy hair but straight locks as well.

5. Explore Hairstyles The Pink actor does not let her curly hair restrict her from experimenting with different hair styles.