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Can You Be The Change You Want To See? Well, I Try My Hardest Every Single Day!

There might even be free lunch–somewhere in the world–if you looked far and wide, but definitely no free time.

Do whatever makes you happy. Ignore those who drain your mental energy. If you don’t love yourself, you can’t expect anyone else to, right?

Creams that promise me fairer skin. Workouts for that apple bottom. The fad diet that everyone’s following–why didn’t I get the memo?

Cut to a Karan Johar-Esque sangeet function followed by a Sabyasachi wedding party–whether the trousseau was from the designer’s store or Chandni Chowk–it’s all enough to trigger FOMO.

It made me build a digital world where South Mumbai’s macarons can co-exist with Dadar’s vada pav without judgement.

It’s a journey and I’m nowhere close to the destination, but I feel more prepared.

The Channel 46

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